Access Control GTA

Pitbull Security install regularly a variety of card access systems such as
Proximity/Magnetic readers, Fingerprints systems, Gates systems!

Take advantage of a quality control system to secure your home or business

Toronto Access Control Advantages

Once a card is presented to the card reader, the transaction will be logged into the access control system database. Therefore, management will have a record of who is entering and what time they are entering the building.

Access will only be granted to individuals with a valid access control card that is programmed to be used at that specific door at a specific time.

Great for parking garage access control in GTA!

Cards will be date and time sensitive, thereby, granting controlled access.

Great for Exercise rooms and Laundry rooms!

An access control system can solve a problem (i.e. vandalism, theft, injury) occurs, a search can be performed to identify the user by time and door location.If a card is reported lost or stolen, it will be considered invalid and deleted from the database rendering themselves useless to vandals.

Building Key System

With some key systems the keys may be duplicated

With a key system a resident may claim that their key was lost or stolen, when it was actually handed off to a non-resident or a renter who is not on the lease

Residents do not have to worry about messing around with keys and insert them in the key-way. They just present their card to the reader (Great for the Elderly or when carrying parcels)

With a key system management cannot control who has access to the building Example paperboy, contractors, cleaning lady, old residents and renters. Therefore, they have access to the building any time they want

With a key system management will never have a record on

  1. How many building keys are with each building residents
  2. How many building keys are with non-residents
  3. How many total building keys

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